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I gave over all my materials and I was delivered magic.

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Why subscribe?

Because we're set up to help you grow, with minimal fuss and maximum impact.

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Excellence in creative design

Senior designer quality on every brief, every time, every day.

Super fast turnaround

You’ll receive your design one task at a time, in 1-2 business days on average.

Flat monthly subscription

Pay the same fixed rate every month. No hidden charges or increases.

Meeting free

We don’t do meetings, just send us the brief. Think of all that time saved.

Always bespoke

We don’t use templates. All your design is created just for you. Never off-the-shelf.

Dynamic and adaptable

Change your subscription, pause mid-month or cancel anytime.


Unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy.

Requests via Trello

Manage active, queued and completed briefs on one, simple board.

Invite your whole team

Allow all your team members to submit briefs and track their requests.

Start today

No contracts to sign, no kick-offs to schedule. Simply choose your plan and we'll get started on your design today.

All your design needs fulfilled.

We adapt the design style to suit brand's unique voice to engage the audience. Find all under one roof such as design, online presence and animated content.

We've got you covered.


Graphic design applied across various media like print, digital, and beyond.
Brand guidelines
Mobile app design
Flyers and brochures
Digital advertising
User intergace
Photo montages
Social media graphics

Your plan. Your way.

Choose a plan that fits your needs.


Secure your deadlines, we deliver your desings within 12 hours.


Onetime payment (no subscription)
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1 request at a time
Fast turnaround (within 12 h)
Service included


Small design assets for covering your missing capacity.


Pause or cancel anytime
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1 requests at a time
Quick turnaround (within 48 h)
Service included


All the designs you will probably need for faster growing.


Pause or cancel anytime
Get started
1 requests at a time
Quick turnaround (within 48 h)
Services included
All plans included
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unilimited brands
  • Everything is owned by you
  • Fast turnaround, 12-48 hours
  • Stock images (Shutterstock) 
  • Simple payments
  • Pause or cancel, no questions asked

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How it works?

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Choose a plan what suits you

If our service is a good match, start your subscription for ongoing access to our design services. Choose update frequency based on your needs and budget.

Submit your requests

Expect high quality output, delivered on schedule. We deliver your request asap. This can be as fast as within 12-48 hours, depending on the scope of your request. All plans includes unlimited design requests & revisions.


Why should I consider a subscription instead of hiring a full-time designer?

There are several reasons. Hiring an excellent senior designer, developer or a video editor will cost you at least $100k yearly salary, plus benefits; health insurance, pension contributions, annual leave, sick pay and so on. And then what if you don’t have enough work for them? Now you’re stuck with an expensive full-time employee that you aren’t utilising enough.


With Brandpal, you’re only paying when you have work available. You will receive excellent designs, delivered at a fraction of the price, without the responsibility of managing a full-time employee.

What is the difference between the plans?

Services and requests are the key. Services are divided into three expertise skills: design (print, screen), development (WordPress, Webflow) and motion (video editing, motion design).


Development services do not include: domain registration, hosting, Webflow subscription or additional paid plugins. For advanced programming ask us .

Motion services do not include: specific sound effects, voiceovers, but we do help with screenplay. For 3D modeling and animation ask us.

How do I request design?

All design briefs are submitted through your own dedicated Trello board. You can type your request directly into a card, share docs, link to other sites or inspirations. You’re in control, so which ever method of briefing in a request works best for you, we’ll go with it.

How quickly will my design tasks be fulfilled?

Most briefs are completed within 2 business days. Some complex requests may take longer. We may not working on weekends.

A brief like website (multiple pages) or longer video can take more time. In this case is client informed in advance about delivery due.

How is the work delivered?

Design for print is usually deliver as PDF, EPS and for screen as Figma, Adobe XD.

Online is build as customised wordpress solution, webflow or just static HTML. (WordPress requires hosting and domain. Webflow requires subscription.)

Motion is mostly delivered as video file like MP4 in your requested formats.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make each month?

Nope! As a Brandpal subscriber, you can submit as many briefs as you needs, adding tasks to the queue on your personal board. They will be fulfilled one at a time.

How many revisions are included if I'm not happy with the initial design?

There is no limit to the number of revisions you can request. We'll work on revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

How does the pause feature work?

We aim to remove the anxiety of spending for a service you’re not using, especially when you’re having a quiet month. If there isn’t enough work to make full use of Brandpal, you can pause your subscription.


Imagine you’re two weeks into a month and need to pause your subscription. The billing cycle will be paused and when you decide to switch it back on again, you’ll have the remaining 2 weeks before your next month’s subscription is charged.


Please note:
When you pause the subscription, only the last request will be finished and all the remaining in the queue will be waiting until you activate the subscription again.

But what if I only need one brief fulfilled?

Happy to help! Just pause your subscription when we’ve delivered it and continue when you’re ready to request more design tasks.

Do you offer refunds if I don't like the results?

We will do everything in our awesome powers to deliver high quality design that matches your needs. We don’t issue refunds, we deliver!

Who are your designers?

We are a small collective of designers that span industries as diverse as Finance, Tech, SaaS, Science, Gaming, Entertainment and Health & Fitness. Every request, however, is received by me and delivered by me, the founder of Brandpal.

What software are you using?

Design services:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesing, Figma, XD.

Developing tools for online services:
Webflow, WordPress with Oxygen builder.

Motion design:
After effects, Premiere, Hype


Brandpal vs Fiverr.

On fiverr it's hardly to find an experienced and loyal individual, however highly skilled creators offer only one particular service for higher price. Brandpal offers a wide range of services under one roof for a reasonable price.

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